W is a PR agency, but different.

Different in that we plan business strategies rather than activate them. Different in that we curate major events as well as publicise them. Different in that we no longer just amplify ads, we make them. And different in the way we approach our work.

As it says at the top of our site – we create award-winning, creative, integrated marketing campaigns that earn breakthrough fame for our clients.

And, like most other (good) agencies, we live and breathe for the ideas, campaigns and fame that we create for our clients. We believe we are the place that ambitious, smart and future-focused marketers can come to do the best work of their careers.

But if it is our collective passion for great work that unites us, it is our ruthless commercial focus which makes us different. Great work does not just mean awards and acclaim (although we’ve won plenty of those), it means real business results.

It means helping a hotel client to its best Quarterly results since launch (16% growth, as you ask). It means ruthlessly pursuing coverage backlinks that drive up web traffic and drive down paid search bills for a new media client. It means using earned influence to deliver better results than was possible with a food client’s media budget.

We are proud of our awards but it is our business impact of which we are most proud.

We are also proud of how we have grown.

In 9 years, we have progressed from a one-man-band to an agency of more than 100 people with offices in London, Singapore, Amsterdam and Newcastle. We have spawned 3 new divisions – Talent, Enterprise and Digital – all businesses in their own right. And we employ some of our industry’s brightest minds, work for some of the world’s biggest brands and deliver some of the PR world’s most exciting campaigns.

Last but not least, we are restless to grow – exploring new sectors, technologies, disciplines and business models in order to build our version of the agency of the future.

If you’re a potential client or potential recruit, come and join us for the ride.