W kickstarts 2020 with a haul of industry award nominations

10 February 2020

Campaign Agency Of The Year

We ended last year with the tremendous news that PR Week had selected W as one of its six ‘Agencies of the Decade’.

And are delighted to carry on the positive vibes at the start of a new decade with the announcement from Campaign that we are a finalist for Campaign’s Agency of the Year Awards. Needless to say, huge thanks to all our clients who let of us the leash to do some amazing work and to our team who make it happen. And if you aren’t part of the story so far, what are you waiting for?


18 Moments worth celebrating

W has been shortlisted for 18 PR Moment Awards, including Large Agency of the Year and two in the Best Use of Creativity. We’d love to go into details but there isn’t the space so here’s a breathless run down of the categories: Large Agency of the Year, Consumer Agency of the Year, Best Use of Creativity (x2), Consumer Campaign of the Year, B2B, Integrated, Social Media, FMCG (x2)

Live Event, Corporate Purpose, Automotive & Transport, Culture, Media & Sport, Not-For-Profit, Media Relations and Low Budget. Meanwhile, our specialist travel agency partner Lotus is shortlisted for Mid-Size Agency of the Year. Massive thanks to our clients, our team and everyone who we’ve collaborated with in in the past 12 months. Winners will be announced on March 26.


Triple Spicy BE3f

As you’ll doubtless be aware (and if not, shame on you), there’s not been too much goodwill between UK grime icons Wiley and Stormzy, with the duo releasing numerous diss tracks, jibes and insults – commonly known in the industry as ‘beef’. This created a huge buzz on social media when the spat broke out on Twitter.

With spicy beef a popular topping on the menu of W client Papa John’s, this presented the perfect opportunity for our studio team to tap into a trending cultural moment. So how about creating the exclusive TRIPLE SPICY BE3F to capture the moment. Our witty copy, along with the nod to E3 (which listeners will know as the birthplace of grime) hit the right note with avid music fans.

The tweet got real when a TRIPLE SPICY BE3F pizza was sent to Wiley in its unique box after he requested that the idea be bought to life. Wiley has since posted an image of the pizza box on his Instagram feed, which has now received over 6,000 likes and 100+ comments. The most culturally important pizza that Britain has ever seen. Maybe…


Putting the W in Hawley Wharf

We’re delighted to announce an exciting new client to the W roster after being appointed by LabTech to support its transformational Hawley Wharf development in Camden.

Hawley Wharf will bring an exciting and upmarket mix of retail, restaurants, residential, culture and co-working to Camden from Autumn 2020. Given our vast experience and connectivity in all of those fields, we are now working with LabTech to make Hawley Wharf a destination landmark for locals and tourists alike.


Bao with Wow Factor

Is there anything more millennial than vegan mayo? There is now, because the Hellmann’s team spent January turning the product into four plant powered, pastel coloured jars. Turmeric (yellow), beetroot (millennial pink), basil (green) and spirulina (blue) were the four new limited-edition flavours cooked up by W. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more millennial, the mayo was served up inside delicious vegan bao’s and sold from an air streamer at BOXPARK in Shoreditch for just £1.00.

The results? 37 pieces of coverage Stylist, GQ and Campaign , queues around the block, more than 2,000 bao’s sold in two days and BOXPARK just as busy as ‘when Ed Sheeran came to visit’.


Introducing the CVO

More Veganuary mayhem, this time to mark the arrival of ‘Cauliflower wings’ to Papa John’s expanding vegan offering.

We placed a job off via LinkedIn for Papa John’s first Chief Vegan Officer (CVO). Their role? Taste test Papa John’s vegan offering and help devise new and interesting menu items, with a job description which included having ‘the ability to stand up to Piers Morgan in a debate’ and seeded to media.

In just two weeks, Papa John’s received over 500 applicants, with vegan influencer Claire Every (@thelittlelondonvegan on Insta) securing the plum role. The search and appointment stories generated over 80 pieces of coverage in MetroDaily MailDaily Mirror and Plant Based News!


Hold the front page

Securing a front-page lead for one client is pretty neat, but two in the same story takes bit of media relations magic. Following a turbulent few months in UK politics, leading to an incredible boom in the property market, our Corporate team landed a front-page headline in the Evening Standard for not one but two clients – Habito and Nested.

Having closely followed the changing trends in the property market, and with two clients sitting within the property-sphere, we were able to sift through internal client data to distinguish a news angle, engage a friendly media contact and provide expert commentary to compile a full story worthy of a front-page feature. Booming coverage.

52:48? That’s nuts!

Last year we launched Marmite Peanut Butter with a media blitz which saw it sampled live on air by everyone from Piers Morgan to Phil and Holly, helping to make it the Britain’s second best-selling Peanut Butter sku in just two months. In January Marmite PB launched a smooth variety and to help raise awareness we decided to settle an age-old debate with a cheap as chips Twitter ‘Nuterendum’. Via the Marmite feed posed one simple question: Smooth or Crunchy?

This triggered the nation, sparked a week of heated debate, with over 100,000 votes cast. The result? 52:48 in favour of crunchy. Yes, 52:48. With households divided and couples pushed to the brink of splitting, we need no more convincing agree that referenda really aren’t worth the love and hate.


It’s PAYcation time

Following the Holiday Report commissioned by Royal Caribbean, we identified the modern travel trend epitomised by millions of Britons holidaying on the pay role of their parents, well into adulthood. The W team coined this new phenomenon as the PAYcation or PAYcay, where almost half of UK parents are still footing the bill for their adult offspring to join them on holiday.

W enlisted two great case studies to share their first-hand accounts of family paycationing which secured a double page spreads in the Daily Express and Daily Telegraph, plus widespread coverage on regional news and radio.