Unilever & Trussell Trust

Unilever & Trussell Trust


Ahead of Christmas, Unilever Foods partnered with British foodbank provider, The Trussell Trust, in a bid to help fight UK hunger – with 5 pence of special brand packs going straight to the charity.

With consumers and media often sceptical and calling-out brands with purpose campaigns linked to purchase we had to make sure the commitment was messaged and delivered appropriately.


A press release and some statistics simply wouldn’t cut it. We had to leverage the reach and influence of Unilever to build an empathy bridge between consumers to destigmatise the use of food banks.

We invited Professor Green to be more than a high-profile supporter of the initiative – we also invited him to do voluntary work at his local Trussell Trust centre.


Pro Green’s visit, where he met food bank workers and heard the stories of some of its beneficiaries, was filmed documentary style by the W Studio team. The resulting content generated over 1 million organic views on social media, 13.4 million social media impressions and was hosted on four national titles – with Pro Green even making the front page of the I newspaper. Evaluation revealed 98% positive sentiment for Unilever’s initiative across social channels.