The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society


Every year The Children’s Society publishes The Good Childhood Report. In 2019 the report would reveal the lowest level of child wellbeing and happiness in a decade. They wanted a disruptive idea to amplify its findings to media and the public and take the charity into new territory. Yet, how does one present topics such as violence, bullying and sexual exploitation?


We wanted to avoid the generic images portraying children as victims. The publication of the report was just a week before ‘back to school’, something that resonates with media and parents alike. What if we could take the familiar back to school theme and distort it with the hidden realities and anxieties of childhood in 2019? The result was an immersive campaign that could give a voice to children living in challenging circumstances and also highlight the transformational work done by the charity to give them hope.


Stab vests for kids? A social networking app called ‘Grooma’, a cosmetic counter selling bruise concealer? Welcome to The Store of Modern Childhood, a physical manifestation of findings and case studies covered in the report. Launched with supporting digital content created by W Studio, the Store was seen by over 1,000 visitors in central London and generated 44 pieces of national coverage including Channel Four News, Mail Online and The Guardian. Campaign named it #2 in a Hot List of The Best Live Activations of 2019, ahead of the likes of Amazon, Virgin Atlantic and Ikea.