Spotify is the byword, dominant player in music streaming. As they diversified into live events and as a content producer we worked with them on the challenge of a taking a digital platform into events, experiences and into media.


Music fans are already oversaturated with choice and not enough time when it comes to live events and downloadable content. However, we could provide the hardworking press office and connectivity to news and music media to create headlines, seed content and drive traffic and subscriptions.


Our first work saw us manage the launch the inaugural Who We Be event, which sold out Alexandra Palace within minutes. On the back of that success we have manged everything from more live-scale festivals through to VIP events and content launches. For Stormzy’s birthday we took him and 25 fans to Spain for a birthday party on Merky Airways; hosted an album launch for Skepta and secured blanket coverage for Celine Dion’s first-ever Spotify Singles. When The Story of the Clash series launched we syndicated it to media such as BBC Music, The Guardian and UnCut with interviews with host Chuck D.