Seven Dials Market

Seven Dials Market


Although it was at the vanguard of London’s street market scene, KERB’s first foray indoors was daunting for the brand. Even though the food hall trend was growing, it was a highly saturated sector that was in danger of becoming predictable and alienating foodie audiences.

Seven Dials Market was wedged between two major food hall openings a month apart and just a stone’s throw away from each other, so it was important to make KERB’s authentic story stand-out.


With a three-phase launch approach we seeded out KERB’s incubator messaging through various consumer events and media interviews. Highlighting KERB’s history supporting London’s street food traders and its accelerator programme, we laid the foundation for what made this food hall different, long before it opened its doors. 


Wider features with consumer and business press and broadcast interviews continually landed the point of difference message ahead of opening. For the launch we built a week-long programme with KERB alumni and new traders as the stars to be celebrated in our ‘Great Day in Street Food’ moment. Prioritising this highly connected audience who are influencers within their own right, gave us that industry seal of approval. In the launch period alone we secured 58 pieces of coverage.