Sailor Jerry Rum

Sailor Jerry Rum


Once the beating heart of the Sailor Jerry brand, its clothing line had become tired; eclipsed by the extraordinary success trajectory of the now legendary Sailor Jerry Rum. Our mission was to reinvigorate the clothing range – an essential part of marque’s heritage and commercial strategy. 


Our ambitious solution was to turn the brief on its head, ignore the existing clothing line entirely, and create something completely new. Something that felt utterly authentic; a genuine piece of culturally astute collateral that could be sold in the most iconic stores across the world, appeal to the most influential people on the planet and allow us to create social content no-one would expect. The Flash Collection was born.


Despite Sailor Jerry actively spurning traditional marketing and brand ambassadors, we understood that partnering with a genuine fan of the brand with shared values was essential, and that a creative collaboration with an iconic rock ‘n’ roll music artist was the only route.