Pizza Pilgrims US

Pizza Pilgrims US


Founded in London as one of the poster child’s of the street food revolution, Pizza Pilgrims founders Thom and James Elliott took the brave decision to launch a book mid-pandemic and in a market they had absolutely no brand awareness.

We needed to drive brand coverage that would ultimately deliver sales of the new book entitled Pizza.


With a 10 year history and loyal restaurant owner fans in the US, our campaign looked to tease the book through their social channels on the ground via Q&As. We looked to elevate the love of pizza, its history across the states and anecdotes from key personalities known in the US to position Pizza as the pizzapedia everyone needed in their lives.


At launch we gifted key editors, anchors and KOLs with the book on launch day. Placing interviews and syndicated content pieces with the leading nationals as well as lifestyle titles, driving awareness in launch week with sales creeping up allowed us to in turn illustrate the brothers successes to line-up the coveted broadcast slots that will in turn deliver mainstream national awareness.