Papa John’s

Papa John’s


Papa John’s was suffering an image problem in the UK when they came to us. Quite simply, they make better pizza with better ingredients than their competitors, but were being drowned out by the likes of Domino’s when it came to brand fame and column inches.


Our strategy was to place Papa John’s at the forefront of what’s exciting, new, and shareable to its Gen-Z and millennial target audiences. We’ve been doing this with creative and visual activations that are simple, smart and bang-on with young adults into culture and content with everything from Marmite stuffed crusts to the recruitment of a Chief Vegan Officer to develop vegan pizzas, our creative campaigns have focused on modernising the brand and building appeal amongst our young audience. 


We put purpose into the launch of the limited-edition honey drizzled Bee Sting pizza by creating The Beeza, the first pizza for bees to drive awareness of the UK’s declining bee population. We’ve made a #pizzahack exercise routine for Brits in lockdown; created a hipster Scandinavian bakery called Papa Johan’s to launch PJ’s Danish cinnamon scrolls and when grime stars Wiley and Stormzy had a very public beef on Twitter we responded with a one-off Wiley’s Spicy Beef pizza. Wiley liked the idea so much he asked for one to be delivered direct to his door to share with his fans on Instagram.