Marmite is the jewel in Unilever’s food portfolio, everyone loves it or hates it, but it was something of a dormant cultural icon that needed reawakening. 


We tapped into the fame and equity of the brand to take it into every corner of the media from food to travel, to celebrity to sport. This has included working with celebrity advocates, influencers and identifying moments and events where the ‘love’ or ‘hate’ of Marmite can create earned coverage and social content.


During holiday season we partnered with London City Airport to create an amnesty for marmite ‘smugglers’, swapping their contraband for travel-friendly 70g jars. We’ve crated hypnosis events to (temporarily) turn haters into lovers, made a digital ad with Dean Gaffney to promote Marmite neglect and when our Marmy Army sampled this British classic an Ashes Test to Vegemite-munching Aussies we sparked an international sledging war between spreads. 

And when we were charged with launching Marmite Peanut Butter we turned it into a national event. This including live on-air tastings with Piers and Susannah on Good Morning Britain, Holly and Phil on This Morning and the Jonathan Ross Show. As a result, the nation went nuts for Marmite PB, making it the number 2 sku within just six weeks of launch.