The i

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When the Lebvedev’s announced the launch i the UK;s first national newspaper in 25 years, at a time when print circulation was falling off a cliff, the real fear was the move would be met with derision or, even worse, silence. 


The print competition certainly wasn’t going to welcome a rival. Therefore, our launch day strategy was to ape a high-impact TV and radio advertising campaign with an approach rooted in a forensic analysis of broadcast media. The activity was meticulously planned to deliver different angles at different times across TV and radio and rigorously scheduled to ensure it reached its target audience multiple times with clear key messages about i

By adopting a market-growing message, negative national news sentiment was minimized and the campaign delivered unanimously fair and positive coverage.


During the campaign, broadcast coverage ran in 27 national TV slots including on BBC News and Sky News, reaching an audience of more than 46m people, most of these were multiple hits. More than 20 national radio pieces ran, including BBC Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live, alongside 550 regional radio. It almost singlehandedly delivered phenomenal initial sales figures for i, averaging 180,000 per day in its first week on the newsstand. It also achieved the impossible: actively growing the declining newspaper market.