W creates NYC incubator for UK brands seeking greater US presence
  • 12.01.2021

W creates NYC incubator for UK brands seeking greater US presence

W Communications opens in US to expand Global offering with New York office and LA outpost

Independent global communications agency, W Communications, today announces a new US operation due to increased demand from clients. This expansion follows the successful APAC and EMEA operations via offices in Singapore and London.


W’s Board Director, Gemma McAloon will run the US operations as SVP North America with a team of 3 full-time employees who’ve been operating since the Summer.  With travel restrictions delaying the physical office opening on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Little London is being run from Ws headquarters in London on New York time, until borders open, marking the companys move into 24-hour always-onoperations across the US, EMEA, and APAC.


W’s ‘Little London’ concept will export W’s flair as the UK’s most-decorated agency to American shores on behalf of a range of corporate and consumer clients seeking US expansion.  Services on offer initially focus on brand launches, reputation management, end-to-end campaign execution, global positioning & toolkitting, experiential & events, with a view to emulate London’s talent & influencer and studio function as the office grows.


The move Stateside is not intended to compete with US agencies for domestic clients, but to service British brands seeking an expert on-the-ground with the same culture and ethos that has cemented W as one of the UKs most awarded independent agencies.


W has thrived during the global pandemic, defying industry trends, hiring new team members to meet the needs of the several new accounts it has won.


The lessons of remote working will feed directly into the operation of the virtual office to ensure   staff and clients are supported to continue this success ahead of the physical launch.


Founder Warren Johnson said: With our anticipated move date pushed back, there was really no time to waste in getting our US operations up and running. Weve spoken with clients and they love the idea – it’s just another example of why independent, agile agencies are best placed to react to the changing needs of businesses during these interesting times.

In a twist of fate, this year has been a crash course in how to operate a business remotely. Well take what has worked and ditch what hasnt to ensure our clients continue to receive the same quality of service that has seen us thrive through 2020 where others have fallen.


CEO Rachel Friend said: “This opening cements Ws global capabilities across APAC, EMEA and North America which rival independent and network agencies alike, as reflected in the awards and accolades we have received from the industry around the world.