Launching Nolii’s ‘human first’ design ethos, reimagining your technology essentials
  • 15.09.2020

Launching Nolii’s ‘human first’ design ethos, reimagining your technology essentials

In the post-COVID world, we need our technology to work harder, better and do more. The way we live, work and play has changed.”

Modular, connected and fully customisable, with coveted design for the everyday

We’re delighted to share the launch of nolii; a ‘human first’ design led tech accessory brand on a mission to change how we currently experience technology. Think Lego meets Ikea meets ultimately satisfying design that clicks into place on the move. All to make your life a lot simpler.

The first of its kind, Nolii is a responsibly manufactured technology brand inspired by the challenges of our everyday life. Each of the products has a clean, minimal design – an aesthetic Nolii deliberately opted for.

The brainchild of design and technology obsessed co-founders, Asad Hamir and Amar Radia. Nolii began its journey three years ago. Nolii’s intuitive design process involved thousands of hours of research, testing and development to intimately understand how we use technology and the interdependencies in our activities.

Each of the products is built around the Nolii Click Lock Couple Case system, a silicone smartphone case with a square-shaped cut out that additional functions can be attached to. Users can add the Wallet, Fitness Band or Battery to the case, clicking it in and twisting it to secure it in place.

With over 40 different colour combinations, you get to build a personalised system that’s just for you.