Kimpton<br>Fitzroy London

Fitzroy London


After rebranding to Kimpton Fitzroy London in October 2018, the luxury lifestyle hotel set ambitious goals to build equity around the new brand name, while positioning the brand’s European flagship location for ‘world’s best’ status across its accommodation and its food and beverage offerings.


W created a placemaking strategy which unfurled the rich character the hotel had developed over more than 100 years, from its heritage to modern-day luxuries and the surrounding area. By reliving stories of past and present-day Bloomsbury to key media, we could position Kimpton Fitzroy as the jewel in the neighbourhood’s crown; a place to see and be seen.


As part of the long-term vision, we sought to create desirable, relevant partnerships for Kimpton Fitzroy to bring varied, influential audiences back to the hotel. For London Fashion Week, we negotiated for RIXO to present its collection showcase in the ballroom, bringing global fashion editors, influencers and taste makers to the hotel and unlocking coverage in hero fashion titles from the US and Europe to the Middle East.

Within our first 90 days, by initiating partnerships like RIXO, as well as ambassadorships, events and creative, high-frequency press office strategies, we increased room sales by 15% and endeared the Kimpton Fitzroy name to key audiences, reaffirming its place on the London social calendar.