Evening Standard

Evening Standard


The Evening Standard’s business model meant that it had to show how it uniquely connected with Londoners – not just measured in readership, but reflecting the diverse communities that make London one of the greatest cities in the world.


W quickly developed an external in-house agency for Evening Standard – a bespoke team of media specialists to act as an extension of the in-house marketing team who sat side-by-side with the editorial teams. This strategy gave us instantaneous access to stories and marketing campaigns as they were being shaped, and we were able to work as quickly as the journalists putting the paper together each day. This small super-focussed team model enabled them to draw in specialist expertise from Creative and Live Events teams within the agency.


Our approach helped drive significant brand value, which resulted in a growing trend for large-scale partnerships with global brands to back their CSR campaigns tackling everything from food waste and sustainability to knife-crime.

We also had a meticulously planned comment placement system that saw Evening Standard journalists from across the sections appear in broadcast and in print to give the view of Londoners on big national stories.

W’s Live team worked closely with the partnership teams at Evening Standard to overhaul media strategy for their events and treat them as A-list happenings, including London’s Power List, and Theatre Awards. This new mindset would regularly deliver front-pages in the national newspapers and TV news coverage.