11 July 2017

Broadband isn’t cool. It’s a utility sector where brand loyalty is minimal to zero and consumers are bamboozled with complex tariffs and onerous restrictions.

Relish was launched as an antidote to this stale and dysfunctional market. A single-price, no-strings-attached wireless broadband service for central London, it’s built on a promise of transparency and simplicity.

Our digital strategy for the brand was to make consumers laugh, then make them angry, then show them the alternative. We used spoof situations – coffee subscriptions, selfie taxes, pavement charges and bench-sitting fees – to highlight the small print and confusion that characterise the sector, and shake our audience from their apathy.

The content earned 1.28m views on YouTube, more than 40 million OTS and PR coverage across 120 titles including Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, the Evening Standard, the Times, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post – as well as driving an increase of more than 30% in sales enquiries and customer coverage checks to Relish.