Knorr Eat Your Feed

22 May 2018

Knorr needed a big idea to engage with younger audiences and influencers. Clearly among this audience Instagram is the biggest trend in how people share their love of food and particular dishes and the obvious thing to do would’ve been a pop-up cafe of Knorr inspired dishes to Insta and share to their hearts content.

But we didn’t want to do the obvious thing.

So we created the first ever Instagram powered restaurant: where influencers were served personalised dishes according to the food they shared on their personal feed – covering everything from dishes they’d prepared and shared at home or discovered on their travels.

With pre-launch articles in the likes of Metro, time Out and the Evening Standard to drive demand and curiosity over 60 influencers and 60 members of the public filled the restaurant over two nights to eat, capture and share their knot creations inspired by their own personal feed.