Carabao Copter

14 June 2018

Carabao is all about giving everyday people extra energy to help them lead their bonkers lives. And there’s nothing more bonkers than being a commuter on Southern Rail . So when it was announced that a new rail timetable was set to cause chaos, we had a nifty solution. Where its rivals allegedly gives you wings, we gave propellers – with a VIP, superheats commute to London.

The Carabao Copter ran for three mornings providing a shuttle service from Brighton – London. No queues, no delays, no cancellations – all you needed for a chance to ride was to be a Southern rail season ticket holder.

The campaign captured the imagination of media (many of whom use the route themselves) and made half a page of print in the Evening Standard as well as the likes of Daily Express, Time Out and City AM.