7 July 2017

For 40 years, Ben & Jerry’s has championed causes designed to make the world more inclusive. W’s bold direct-action campaign for the brand in 2016’s London Mayoral Election directly brought 5,000+ disenfranchised voters in from the cold and spread the message of democracy to millions – an exercise in grassroots activism that matched the brand’s campaigning voice with real-world results.

Don’t Get Frozen Out campaign at Windrush Square, Brixton on Saturday 2nd April, 2016.
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Copyright: © Mikael Buck / Ben & Jerry’s

The voter-registration initiative – “Don’t Get Frozen Out” – launched in partnership with Hope Not Hate, was powered by a brilliantly simple “ice-cream as an ice-breaker” mechanic designed to encourage on-the-spot interaction. The initiative delivered a positive legacy for the city and earned the enthusiastic endorsement of new Mayor Sadiq Khan.