Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery


When Camden Town Brewery launched in 2009 it was at the vanguard of the indie, craft beer revolution, challenging big-brand lad lagers such as Carlsberg, Peroni and Heineken. After being acquired by AB InBev, purists questioned whether it would remain the smart-thinking, design-led brand they had come to love. 


Beer marketing has always tended to be lad focused and built around banter. Even Brewdog, while heralded, relied on shock and controversy. We took a purpose-led approach that would be sincere not sensationalist, artful not elitist, positive not provocative. We wanted to use the increasing reach and influence of the brand for the power of good.


Thanks to a series of partnerships and creative activations we’ve taken Camden Town Brewery into parts of media that no other beer has ever reached, by addressing issues as diverse as gender equality, sustainability, food waste and fast fashion. 

We created the First Feminist Football shirt featuring local female icons for Camden Town Ladies FC which raised funds for the Fawcett Society; subverted traditional sampling by creating a can-for-can initiative with The Felix Project to launch Harvest Hells and a fashion exchange with TRAID. We even put hedgehog welfare on the news agenda for Hibernation Hells. Our worked has reaped over a dozen indudstry award nominations, including two PR Week awards and three Drum Marketing Awards, one for Brand Reinvention.

Over that time Camden Town’s business has grown by 45%, with brand awareness now at record levels of 60%.