11 July 2017

Lynx had been the world’s most successful fragrance for young men for 30 years. But with a new, more mature worldview, a revitalised product range, and a global brand campaign that urged young males to “Find Your Magic”, W’s brief was to position the brand as a more sophisticated grooming proposition and elevate its appeal to target older consumers.

We wanted media to forget their preconceptions about Lynx and focus on new products that could genuinely be judged alongside ‘serious’ male fragrance and grooming items. These included fine fragrance, skin cleansing, and hair styling that had been created from premium and precious ingredients, and packaged to match.

Launching the new Lynx daily fragrance range at an event straight from the playbook of the high-end fragrance industry, we attracted the cream of the UK’s beauty and grooming media, and earned a wealth of positive headlines, showing just how far the brand had evolved.

The “de-badged” launch enabled us to luxuriate in the provenance and ingredients story, borrowing the features of a couture-style fragrance launch – from lavish invitations and restrained colour palette to venue and menu – only revealing that Lynx was behind the new range once we had got our audience’s complete attention.

The dramatic ‘reveal’ moment, staged at the end of the evening, was greeted by gasps of amazement from our invitees that Lynx should have been behind such a surprising and eye-opening event.